I am stimulated by many things – from mediaeval images to the work of Brancusi and Hepworth ……. and in recent years the aboriginal North West American Coast traditions embodied in the workof artists like Bill Reid, Susan Point and Robert Davidson.

My work has been shown  quite widely  in galleries and public juried exhibitions across Ontario.

I am especially proud to have been included in the 2010 National Juried Exhibition ” The Canadian Landscape ” and to have been chosen for several of the Ontario Society of Artists’ Open Juried Shows and  feel greatly honoured to have been elected in 2014 to become a Member of the Ontario Society of Artists.



After more than 30 years in the rural  English County of Suffolk my wife and I moved to Ontario in 2000 largelyto be near and get to really know two grandsons in Toronto who were rapidly becoming young men ………………. but also to make a clean break from an absorbing and enormously satisfying career  which culminated in almost twenty most enjoyable years working with hugely talented and dedicated people in the Teaching Hospital, University and City of Cambridge and across the surrounding East Anglian region.

Now I  have been able to move on and revive creative interests which started early with drawing classes as a teenager at the Woolwich Polytechnic School of Art – and were then boosted, post-retirement,  by a year’s ” apprenticeship ” with a talented  Carver / Sculptor in England  which was inspirational.

In between there has been lifelong attendance at the very best possible art education institutions ………………… the best available Galleries and Museums ….. mainly in Europe and  now here in Canada.


Looking hard and long at the ‘best’ of painting and sculpture is,  I believe,  the most

essential training for working in any medium and provides a continuing basis for

the stringent self-criticism necessary to create anything remotely worthwhile in itself

and,  just possibly,  justifying the presumption of offering it to the view of others.